-Thought you could NEVER afford that kitchen
you've always dreamed about while walking
through the aisles of those big-box stores?
You may be pleasantly surprised
(even SHOCKED) to learn that at
McClintock Cabinets, we can typically
provide you with top-quality cabinets
that are custom-fit to your own kitchen
and custom tailored to your own
desires for a price that is . . . are you
sitting down? . . . even
LOWER than the
standard cabinets that you
you wanted -until you saw the price!
McClintock Cabinets, Inc., N3151 State Road 47, Appleton, WI 54913 tel: (920)734-0925
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At McClintock we strive to build a close relationship with our
customer by providing one-on-one contact.
Erik McClintock is a licensed General Contractor, and will
coordinate all aspects of your kitchen remodel project
(plumbing, electrical, tile, appliances, lighting, etc.).
We listen to what you want, we provide suggestions where
you may be undecided, and we ultimately strive to design a
kitchen that will best suit your needs in the space you have
to work with. Essentially, our goal is to build a kitchen that
says "YOU" -not "Big-Box".
We can satisfy all of your cabinetry needs, whether for your
new home, or for your remodeling project. No job is too big
or too small for the McClintock Craftsmen!
We provide state-of-the-art computerized drawings and
show you three-dimensional renderings of your kitchen so
that you can see the finished product from several
viewpoints before we even start building.
McClintock Cabinets, Inc.
N3151 State Road 47
Appleton, WI 54913

Phone (920)734-0925
Fax (920) 882-1649

Erik McClintock - Owner